Float Like A Buffalo embraces a celebratory, carefree spirit on “Enjoy the Ride”. Lyrically they embrace a sense of optimism in the future, as their highly articulate storytelling gives small snapshots from a life lived most fully. Elements of psychedelic rock, indie rock, with a hint of funk tying it all together making it radiate with pure joy.”

Beach Sloth

Examining existence, love, and even the mountains of Colorado, Alt-Funk-Ska-Rock septet Float Like A Buffalo’s first full length album, ‘Back From Nowhere,’ reaches far into the places that have so wildly shaped its members and brings back a fun-loving and raw sound that the band refuses to apologize for.

The group's roots stem from the state of Colorado. This theme is repeatedly called to throughout the album as the mythical ‘nowhere,’ ‘the place where I became a man’ and many more. Frontman Cory Pearman and Percussionist Garrett Achten formed the original incarnation of the band in Littleton, CO early in 2014, later bringing aboard Bassist Jason Clukies and Lead Guitarist Evan Crabdree. Nearly two years later, the addition of Drummer Phil Pleckham solidified the lineup for the time being. After enjoying local success for nearly a year and a half, the group added Cory ‘Beef’ Meier (Trombone) and Luke Story (Saxophone, Trumpet) in early 2017, finalizing their lineup just as the recording process started for their rookie album.

Over a year in the making, ‘Back From Nowhere’ lays bare its songwriting and musicality in front of all else. Boasting a clean sound where nothing is hidden, each track guides the listener through the concept of nowhere. “I think we all wanted to create something that could be listened to casually, but would encourage you to listen to the different layers,” says Phil Pleckham, drummer. “There’s a ton more going on the more you listen to it.” The seven-piece band showcases solos from nearly every performer over the ten tracks and showcases the full sound the group’s live sets are known for.

An abrupt start and the words “I’m on the road to nowhere” immediately hammer home the ride you’re about to embark on through track, ‘Lil Ol’ You.’ The uptempo but surprisingly groove-oriented tune “is about feeling lost on a journey and outside yourself,” says lead singer Cory Pearman, “and realizing you don’t know yourself anymore.” The songs lyrics “You messed up” and “You brought up everything you ever thought up” make you question if the subject of the song is calling out someone specific, or oneself.

‘Finding Somewhere’ (the album's first single) carries this notion as well, while throwing you through the depths of existence and dropping the tempo, asking you to remember the times back when, losing your mind, and constantly emphasizing that you're “doing just fine.” This emotional call to find oneself drives the horns and screaming guitar behind to totally immerse the listener - as if living someone else’s storyline.

On the recording process, lead guitarist Evan Crabdree remarked, “Recording guitar will point out all of your flaws in a millisecond." The Spot Studios served as a home base for the group for nearly a year and a half while tracking and mixing. The Spot Studios is run by Denver recording giants Rich Veltrop and Glenn Sawyer. The duo not only served as engineers, but also producers and even backup vocalists when needed. “I always had butterflies and nerves,” remembered Jason Clukies, bassist, “Playing in front of a thousand people is one thing, but being under the microscope in front of them is totally different.”

The album's second single, 'She Don’t Care’ is a powerhouse of intensity.  Funk-driven bass and guitar give way to a story of lust that is met with a slap in the face. Inviting the talents of Lizzy Gogolowski (We Are Madeleine and Diamond Empire Band) and Gabriel Mervine (The Motet and Gabriel Mervine Quartet), the seven-piece band ups the count to nine for this dance-driven groove.

The 'She Don't Care' music video, shot by Connor Tieulie, tells this story perfectly. The video is set in a bar, as most stories of funk and lust are. “My favorite moment was filming the group dance sequence in the alley,” says trombone player Cory Meier, while joking about being better than the Backstreet Boys, “The reaction shots [in the video] are all genuine responses to our over-the-top antics.”

Since tying up recording, the band has taken on several high visibility appearances. Most notably, Float Like a Buffalo performed at the historic Bluebird Theatre in Denver and won a nomination for “Best Funk Band” in local culture, in-the-know publication 'Denver Westword.’ However, progress didn’t stop here.

In early 2019, Float Like a Buffalo released 'Back From Nowhere' at a near-sold-out release party at the historic Gothic Theatre. This year, the band has performances lined up at Red Rocks, The Walnut Room, and The Marquis Theater, plans for a national tour, and their sophomore album already in the back of their minds. 

Rest assured, this unstoppable seven-piece band will be looking to the road ahead, and enjoying this ride.

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